Indie Developer Stammtisch x Anchorpoint


In this month we welcome Anchorpoint !  At its core, Anchorpoint is a version control system, improves productivity and in turn, contributes to more efficient and happier creative teams. Most importantly, it provides more room for what we really enjoy: being creative! Date: June 9th, 7-11pm Special Guest:  Matthäus Niedoba from Anchorpoint Topic: Why it […]

Indie Developer Stammtisch x Magenta Gaming


In this month we welcome Magenta Gaming  !  MagentaGaming is the new cloud gaming service from Telekom Deutschland GmbH. Over 100 games can be played via the MagentaGaming app, including many popular and top-class titles. In addition to the included games, you can order more games in the store. Powerful servers in the cloud stream […]

Indie Developer Stammtisch x Community Games


In this month we want to see your Games! in this edition we want to celebrate your games. It does not matter if it is a prototype, just an idea or a finished game. Date: August 11th, 7-11pm Topic: celebrating the creativity of our community! Meeting Room LINK After the showcase we will spin a […]

Indie Developer Stammtisch x GameDevWeek


In this month we joined forces with @gamesaheadev!We want to continue our mission and connect Developers across Germany in a special crossover network event for the #GameDevWeekDate: September 22th, 7-11pmTopic: will spin a few rounds with our networking roulette 🎠Discord: hope you are well and will join us! The name of GameDevWeek (GDW) says it […]

Indie Developer Stammtisch x GameDev LEIPZIG

In this month we welcome GameDev LEIPZIG & Sven Paulsen from 4Players!  This month we welcome Sven Paulsen from 4Players who will give us an insight into the in-game voice software ODIN "Once you've heard the difference, you don't want to go back to standard communication," says ODIN project manager Sven Paulsen. "For us, it […]